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October 25, 2004

Jeff's Voting Guide

Other than voting a straight Democratic ticket, here are some key races I'd like to encourage people to take seriously:

No on I872

This initiative will make it very difficult for viable third party candidates to successfully run for statewide office.

No on I884

This initiative gives a pass to the state legislature from their constitutional duty to fund education. By funding education by raising Seattle’s sales tax to 9.875%, the Legislature will be able to continue its ongoing policies of corporate tax giveaways (currently > $64 billion per biennium). Washington already has the most regressive sales tax in the country – meaning that low income residents already pay too much of their income in taxes. This would make things worse.

No on I892

Tim Eyman was paid off by the national casinos to run this initiative. It would expand gambling in our region and again, take the pressure off the Legislature to repeal corporate tax breaks.

No on I83

Seattle needs more public transit. The monorail goes where light rail can’t or won’t.

No on R55

Charter schools would take money away from the public schools and defocus efforts to fix important problems. Our state’s school system is increasingly inequitable and divided (public/private). Let’s fix our public schools, not create a third tier system.

Yes on I297

Let’s prioritize clean up at Hanford. This is a pro-environment, sensible initiative.

Mike Cooper for Commissioner of Public Lands

Mike is an experienced state legislator who won’t sell out our natural resources to corporations. His opponent wants to continue the policy of handing out timber and other resources to corporate benefactors.

Deborah Senn for Attorney General

Senn will fight for consumer rights against big corporations.

Laura Ruderman for Secretary of State

Laura will do a better job than Sam Reed who has been slow to handle the problems faced by electronic voting machines.

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