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October 21, 2004

No on I872!

I872 will make it harder to run legitimate third party candidates by eliminating them in the primary. This from Lance Scott of Eat The State:

The 2004 election is a textbook illustration of the failure of the two-party system and the need to build a real multiparty democracy in America that represents *all* of us. We need to reform our system to permit more voices, more choices, and less corporate control, and we need to build a political party that represents our highest values and aspirations.

That's what's truly at stake in this year's election, and that's why I urge you to vote to build the Green Party in 2004. Here are three ways to do that:

1) First and foremost, voting to build the Green Party in 2004 means voting not to destroy it. Washington state Initiative 872 would destroy the chances of most Greens and other minor party candidates to ever get on the November ballot. It would establish a "Louisiana Primary" in our state, sending only the top two vote getters on to the general election. Many people will be deceived into voting for this as part of a backlash against the primary system instituted this year that requires voters to vote party-line in the primary (and incidentally, removes the Greens and other minor parties from the primary, meaning that minor parties get less exposure). This system may be bad, but I-872 is the cure that is worse than the disease, in that it would eliminate Greens and other minor parties from the *general* election ballot in most races. (See http://www.no872.org for more information.)

We all know that our political system is rigged against the success of any emerging new parties. Don't allow this rigged system to become even worse: Vote No on I-872! And if you haven't already done so, sign I-318, which would establish a much better solution--instant runoff voting! (See http://www.irvwa.org for more information.)

2) Under state election law, a party needs to get 5% of the vote in a statewide race in order to achieve major party status. (This would, among other things, give Greens an automatic ballot line for partisan races, and get Greens on the primary ballot with our message in the primary voters guide.)

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