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October 19, 2004

No on I884!

There's a most excellent letter to the editor in today's Seattle Times about how the lower 78% of salary earners don't itemize (they take the standard deduction) - and so aren't eligible for the federal deduction of Washington state sales tax.

When did it become fair, appropriate, or the "American way" to improve the lot of some of us (22 percent) by law and continue the burden for the rest (in this case, that 78 percent who file federal taxes and will receive no benefit for sales taxes paid in Washington state).

This will not trickle down to improve this state's economic life, but rather it will more deeply line the pockets of many whose tax dilemmas are about how to protect "excess" income, while food-bank lines lengthen, more are homeless, and health care is a carrot politicians only wave.

This is yet another reason to vote no on I884 - an initiative that gives a pass to the Legislator to continue corporate tax breaks by raising our sales tax another percent to cover the Constitutional requirements to properly fund education.

Vote no on I884!

UPDATE: I called into KUOW's Weekday to sound off on this today as well...

Weekday home page| Real Audio Link

I jump in about 44:25 into it.

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New WA resident -- relatively.

How can you deduct WA sales tax from federal return if you don't keep all the receipts?

Is there a standard table I can use?

Posted by: Randy | Oct 20, 2004 6:06:28 PM


There will be a table for the receipt-less to use. I would imagine that includes pretty much everyone. ;-)

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Oct 21, 2004 4:27:38 PM

There are many good reasons to vote no on I-884, thanks for touching on one more. I don't see how progressives could support making Washhington's highly regressive tax system even MORE regressive, even in the service of a worthy cause like public education.

Posted by: Sean Pender | Oct 25, 2004 8:18:58 PM

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