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October 19, 2004

Progressive endorsements

While it's usually pretty easy for progressives to figure out who to vote for in the marquee races, it's also really important to vote "down-ballot." I often find it helpful to know who's supporting some of these minor candidates.

So, with that in mind, here are quick links to some of the endorsements of major progressive groups.

While their points of agreement are all pretty obvious (Chris Gregiore, Patty Murray, Mike Cooper, all the Dems running for Congress), some points of disagreement are worth highlighting:

I-297 (Hanford Clean-up): The Labor Council came out against I-297, which would place additional restrictions on the Hanford clean-up. This initiative is the first initiative the environmental community has run in years, and it speaks volumes to me that labor and the environment still can't seem to get it together. When will they figure out that a truly healthy economy and a healthy environment are the same thing? (The teachers' union DID endorse I-297, perhaps showing that they understand what "responsibility to future generations" really means.) [At least they all came out against I-83 (the downtown developer-funded Monorail Recall). -- ed.]

Secretary of State: What with all the attention on the integrity of our election system, the office of Secretary of State takes on a new importance. I'm surprised that WCV broke ranks with pretty much everyone to endorse Republican Sam Reed over Democrat Laura Ruderman. Especially when you consider how hard WCV worked on Laura's behalf when she ran for State Representative, and what a great environmental record she compiled in the House. Now, Sam's no partisan hack like, say, Dino Rossi, but... ouch.

So, what do you think about the endorsements the progresive community made this year? Any progressive voter guides I missed?

(Hat tip to Joseph Bogaard for compiling the initial list that this email was based on.)

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Don't forget NARAL. http://www.wanaral.org/s05politicalupdates/voteprochoice.shtml

Posted by: Carl Ballard | Oct 22, 2004 4:30:10 PM

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