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October 31, 2004

What's Wrong With This Flyer?

DemsdoorflyerYesterday, I stopped by the Seattle Democratic Party "Combined Campaign" Headquarters to pick up a packet of canvass materials so I could knock on a few doors and get out the vote.

The main "lit piece" in my packet was the 6X9 Post-It note pictured at right. It listed four of the "top of the ticket" races, none of which except for Chris Gregiore are particularly close. Notably missing, however, are two of the Democrats' most-in-need-of-a-boost statewide candidates, Mike Cooper for Lands Commissioner and Deborah Senn for Attorney General.

What's up with that?

Posted by Jon Stahl on October 31, 2004 at 09:49 PM in Candidate Races | Permalink


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It's just top of the ticket. It's important that Seattle vote in large percentages if Cooper and Senn have a chance to win. And if you're a typical Seattle voter do you think re-electing Patty Murray or Mike Cooper is higher on your radar?

Posted by: Carl Ballard | Nov 1, 2004 2:45:29 PM

It's not a question of what Seattle voters' highest priorities are, but about the fact that *all* the Democratic statewide candidates need the biggest last-72-hours push they can possibly get, including the "bottom of the ticket" folks like Cooper and Senn.

They have much less name recognition than Patty and Jim -- who are in no danger whatsoever of losing their races.

Surely, the could have squeezed a couple more names on there.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Nov 1, 2004 9:46:14 PM

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