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November 01, 2004

Deborah Senn and Rob McKenna

When I was in college, I briefly went back to my old high school to lecture to the debate team. There was a young, clean cut, pinkish fellow named Rob McKenna there at the time. Even then, I got a sense of steady, inexorable ambition from him. I figured out his politics pretty early, because I remember how enamored he was of the Laffer Curve. A few years later, he ran against a friend of mine for student body president at the University of Washington. With the help of the Greek system and the radical religious right, won the election on a platform of, in my opinion, making student government less of an advocate for student concerns. Eventually, he became a Republican King County Council member.

Around the same time, I was learning to be a lobbyist in the state capitol. This was around the time of the breakup of AT&T.; I was the lead public interest lobbyist on something we called the Telephone Buyer's Protection Act. Soon thereafter, I helped defeat a massive deregulatory campaign by the phone company. In both cases, I worked closely with a tough minded committee staff person named Deborah Senn. A few years later, she and I considered launching a consumer protection organization together. Eventually, she became a Democratic Insurance Commissioner. Sometimes it's interesting to see how little things change. Deborah is still a smart fighter for ordinary people. Rob is still an inoffensive public face for the alliance of business and the religious right. Illegal campaign activities in opposition to Deborah don't surprise me. When Rob ran for student body president, his religious supporters snuck out during the night and trampled his opponents yard signs. He didn't order them, but he didn't stop them either.

Since this is a weblog, I guess I need some links! So, here they are today: Deborah Senn for Attorney General. And Rob McKenna for Attorney General.

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As my colleague Sean points out, a great reason to vote against McKenna is to derail his career -- Attorney General is not the end of his ambition.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Nov 1, 2004 9:42:40 PM

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