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November 13, 2004

Excellent letters regarding Washington state sex education

There are some excellent letters to the editor in today's Seattle Times regarding state sex education. This is another battle where the radical clerics will have their followers out in force trying to create an abstinence-only curriculum.


Without it, life is limited

As the mother of two daughters who had the benefit of a comprehensive sex-ed program in their schools, I would like to register my unqualified support for a sex-education curriculum in our Washington schools that provides factual, comprehensive and medically accurate information.

To not do so, I feel, is irresponsible and naïve in the extreme and puts the health and welfare of our youths at great risk. Information of this kind will serve them for a lifetime. Without it, how can our children be expected to make wise and informed decisions? Without it, what reasons have they to abstain? Without it, isn't their sex education reduced to that of "trial and error"? Without it, they have no chance to act responsibly.

In order to make our children informed and responsible decision-makers, they need to be equipped and entrusted with the honest truth.
—  Laurie Hughes, Seattle

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