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November 22, 2004

Mousepads and Shoe Leather

Political blogger and grassroots Democratic activist Kayne McGladrey is running for Legislative District Chair over in the 5th District on the suburban Eastside.

I've spoken to voters from Sammammish to Maple Valley. I spent a day driving under the power lines south of Issaquah, on muddy backroads, finding households which had never been visited before by political campaigns. I spent another rainy day on the ground with a new volunteer in North Bend, visting neighbors he'd never spoken with before. In all of my conversations over the last year with voters, one message has been consistent: most people said that they didn't think there were other Democrats living in their area.

The recent local election cycle shows that Republicans still maintain an Election-day majority in the Fifth. They have something that we don't have right now - a community. Democrats in the Fifth have told me about a sense of isolation. The GOP has effectively built their community since 1992, and many people outside of our area think of the Fifth as a Republican stronghold.

I think he's on to something here. Props to Kayne for showing what 21st century progressive politics looks like -- this is the "mousepad and shoe leather" approach that Howard Dean spoke so passionately about.

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