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November 07, 2004

Quality of life crimes up in Seattle

One thing the Tim Eyman and Republican tax cut utopian vision fails to do is police our cities effectively. Nick Licata's been fighting for more police on the streets - but has yet to win votes.

This article in The Seattle Sun talks about a burglary spree in Fremont against small businesses. An earlier article in the Times discussed the Seattle Police admitting that they are failing to effectively police against property-based crimes.

I know because my house was robbed in the fall of 2003. The detective follow up was so slow that they never arrested the culprits --- despite the fact that I was able to trace my credit card usage to a nearby merchant - who took photos of the suspects and their license plate when they came to return the item for cash - and shortly after I found one big ticket item from my house for sale on eBay replete with serial number. The detective was so overburdened - he lacked the bandwidth to respond in a timely manner - and the bad guys got away. The insurance company picked up the $20,000 tab.

This is all too common. It's a shame, and the problem is growing.

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Unfortunately, this is just yet another manifestation of the overall decline in the availability of government services of all stripes after three decades of hammering by conservatives.

Just be glad you weren't poor and HIV positive, or a veteran in need of prosthetics, or a homeless single mom.

Posted by: Alex Steffen | Nov 7, 2004 10:30:50 PM

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