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November 04, 2004

Some people just want a sheriff

It's interesting to me to reflect on Dave Reichert's victory over Dave Ross in the 8th congressional district. To me, Reichert represents everything that is wrong with American politics: the modern tough guy, stern father figure that appeals to the electoral majority in this country.

Although I couldn't vote against him, since I'm in the 7th district, I take his election quite personally, since many of his officers who were responsible for abuses during the WTO police riots here in Seattle. It was his officers who tossed a flash bang grenade in my face when I stepped outside my Capitol Hill apartment to find out what was going on. (I was not, in fact, a protester. Not that that should matter.) It was his officer who chased me down with pepper spray when I tried to ask a question. Reichert nurtured that sort of culture and was a strong supporter of the paramilitary model of modern policing.

I see a connection between this and the evils of George Bush's military and CIA. Even now, after the camera was turned on Abu Ghraib, I have no doubt that the torture continues among the world's disappeared. Electing a local version of such a leader makes me more than queasy.

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