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December 30, 2004

An open letter to responsible Republicans

Dear Responsible Republicans,

While you and I have some pretty significant differences over matters of policy, I know that we all share a common faith in our democratic institutions and a committment to the rule of law.

Our state faces many critical challenges in the coming months and years. Citizens of all political stripes will need to work together in an atmosphere of collegiality and trust in order to develop practical solutions to the real problems we face together -- educating our children, providing access to health care for all, and protecting our state's natural heritage.

Dino Rossi and Chris Vance's ongoing comments attacking the legitimacy of Governor-elect Christine Gregoire and the integrity of our elections system itself are irresponsible and contrary to the democratic ideals that we all share. Not only do these comments damage the credibility of those who make them, but they make it more difficult for Washingtonians to come together to build a positive future for our state.

I call upon you now to acknowledge that the actions of your party's current leaders, Dino Rossi and Chris Vance, are contrary to these ideals of democracy that all Washingtonians share. And I call upon you to choose new leaders for your party who show respect for their political opponents, respect for the law, and respect for our state's democratic institutions. Washingtonians deserve nothing less.

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I believe you are talking to a big, fat abyss...

Because this Dinocrat knows that there's a nice, happy group of people who concur w/ our state's first Secretary of Defense Mary "Marummy" Lane, w/ Chris Vance and w/ Dino Rossi and who voted Kerry-Edwards and voted mostly Democrat called Dinocrats.

Trust me - you need to talk to us first, before you talk to the other party.

Posted by: Josef | Feb 19, 2005 6:20:00 PM

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