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December 22, 2004

Chris Gregoire: our newly elected governor

Well, the votes are in.  And Chris Gregoire won.  Now, some folks might expect the loser, Dino Rossi, to concede.  But apparently Dino and "Chairman" Chris Vance have some other things on their mind.  Let's take a close reading of the headline article on the Washington State Republican Party website. (Empahses added.)

Washington Supreme Court changes the rules!

Actually, what the Supreme Court actually said was that King County correctly applied state elections law in deciding to re-examine the 753 disputed ballots.  The Court cited a 1926 case as precedent.  It's hard to see how this amounts to "changing the rules."  What did change, though, was the winner. And I think that's what Rossi and Vance are steamed about.

This recount is not over! 

Actually, it pretty much is.  King County will count its disputed ballots tomorrow, giving Christine Gregoire a few more votes in her margin of victory.  Then, the election will be over.  And Dino Rossi has lost.

This battle is not over!

That's your choice, Dino.   But now you're the one who's operating outside of the law.  The election process is now over.  You lost.   Take it like a gentleman and save what remains of your political career.  (Chris, you're career is probably just about over after your ham-handed handling of this recount process.)

We know of hundreds of people statewide – including members of our military – whose votes for Dino Rossi were not counted. But we didn’t think existing rules allowed us to do anything about that. Now the Supreme Court has changed the rules and we will fight hard to make sure these votes are counted.

First, that's an incredibly cheap politicization of the military.  Shame on both of you.  Second, the rules have been clear all along -- counties have the discretion to recanvass in order to correct errors.  That's what the law has said all along, and that's what the Supreme Court affirmed.  I think it's more that you were so arrogantly sure that you could win without counting all of the votes that you didn't bother to do your homework while the process was still in motion.  Now the election is over, and you've lost.  You have only your own arrogance and incompetence to blame -- hardly grist for more lawsuits.

Rest assured we will continue the fight to protect Dino Rossi’s legitimate election!

George Lakoff teaches us that "by their Orwellian language ye shall know their weakness."  I'm paraphrasing slightly, but this should serve as sharp reminder to all that it is Christine Gregoire who has been legimitately elected by the voters.  This is the key message that progressives should keep in focus over these next few days.

Finally, the Republicans have their spin already up on their website. Not to mention a TON of background on their side of the recount story.  The Democrats still have yesterday's headlines -- and mostly general election content.  Why so slow?  Maybe Paul Berendt can use some of the recount refund to beef up the communications team.  Just a thought.

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Welcome to the Ukraine! Orange really will be in style this year. Once again, the citizens of Washington are at the mercy of the Seattle Political Machine (SPAM).

Posted by: Michael R. Brasch | Dec 28, 2004 8:23:18 AM

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