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December 19, 2004

Count Every Vote Rally: Sunday 3PM at Dino's place

The Governor's race still hangs on a knife edge.  The folks at Democracy For Washington just organized a  Count Every Vote Rally at Dino Rossi's campaign headquarters.  Kudos to them for going on a media offensive in these last, critical days.

As organizer Ray Minchew writes:

I know firsthand that these votes are valid, they are secure, and they should be counted. And I know firsthand that if all the votes are counted, Christine Gregoire is our next Governor. You know what? The Republicans know it, too. Let’s get together tomorrow and let them know it’s only right to count every vote!

Washington State Democratic Party Recount Director David T. McDonald, who has hung in there against full-court media press by the Republicans, remind us:

The ballots at issue in King County are valid ballots from duly registered voters: These are all absentee voters and no absentee ballot can be issued except to a duly registered voter whose signature matches the signature on record with the government. These absentee ballots were timely returned to election officials. They remain in sealed envelopes. The absentee oath on each envelope is signed under penalty of perjury by the registered voter. The signatures on the envelopes in fact match the signatures from the registered voters to whom the ballots were issued. The only problem with these ballots is that Rossi Republicans believe that counting these ballots will confirm what everyone already knows: Rossi lost. That's why he spent so much time trying to convince Chris Gregoire to concede. He knew in his heart what the results will be when all the votes are counted.

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