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December 24, 2004

King Country added less votes than 6 other counties in recount

Nice post from Tim here: 

I’ve been listening to the Republicans for the past couple of days, and took notice each time they have implied that King County was manufacturing votes; “at least enough to give Christine Gregoire a win.” This made me wonder? Did King County add more votes to their final tally than did other counties? From listening to many Republicans, I was left with the impression that King County must have, by magnitudes, found more votes than any other county.
Well...I decided to run the numbers. And guess what? King County wasn't the lead vote finder. Nor were they second. Or third. Or even fourth, fifth or sixth. Nope. The top six counties to add votes to their final tallies were counties that Dino Rossi won.
King County tied for 7th place in percentage of total votes added to their final tally.
To see a chart listing the top ten counties in order of total percentage votes added to their final tallies, please visit my blog at:
The votes that the Republicans are clamoring about were legitimately cast, legal votes. To argue that King County should not have counted them is odd in a democratic election where legal votes are ALL that matters.
Is that what we've come to? In an effort to win at any cost, the Republicans are going to argue that King County shouldn't have counted legal votes?


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