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December 16, 2004

Look who's suing now

Now, maybe my memory is a little bit fuzzy, but I thought that just last week Chris Vance and his band of sycophants were beating the drum about the need to keep our governor's race out of the courtroom.   

Now that it looks like enough uncounted ballots have been found to push the race to Chris Gregoire, the Republicans are racing to the courthouse to overrule King County elections officials.

Putting aside the rank hypocrisy, do we really want to have a Governor installed by the courts? Or do we want to count all the valid votes and let the chips fall where they may?

It's important to keep our eyes on the facts.  As the P-I reports:

King County Elections Director Dean Logan said the absentee ballots were not counted originally because there was a problem with how the voters' signatures had been scanned into the county's computer system. Election workers should have checked the paper files for signatures, but instead the ballots were mistakenly rejected.

It's not a question of whether the votes are secure -- they're still in their security envelopes. It's not a question of whether the voters followed the rules -- they did.  The whole point of a recount is to give "the system" a chance to fix its own mistakes.   And the system is working.  A mistake was found, large enough to possibly swing the race. We need to let the process continue to unfold without dragging the courts into it.

A final note to responsibile Republicans -- you should seriously think about doing some housecleaning at party HQ -- starting with Chris Vance.  He's doing you more harm than good right now.

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