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December 02, 2004

Strange recount fundraising angles

So, Christine Gregoire said today she only wants a recount if the Democratic Party can pay to recount the entire state. The Democratic Party is saying they don't yet have the money for such a campaign. Yet, the Sierra Club has sent out a calendar for the recount and is collecting volunteers to observe - if you read their email - it sounds like the recount is a foregone conclusion.

If the recount puts Gregoire on top, the state has to repay the Democratic party for the recount - what happens to donor money then? Is it returned to donors? Kept by the party? Given to Rossi personally as a parting gift?

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They do have the money now. I also wonder what they will do if the state pays them back. I assume the organizations get the money back, but the individual donors probably won't.

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Posted by: Andrew | Dec 4, 2004 7:14:53 PM

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