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December 30, 2004

The Lynch Mob Gathers for McDermott

One issue that hasn't been raised here yet is the fact that the Republican majority in Washington now seems to be setting its sites on taking down McDermott. Clearly, our progressive Congressman is a top target for them...I don't think ethics are their concern (if it were they wouldn't have recently changed the rules to allow Tom DeLay to remain as majority leader).

We should be talking about how to frame the debate to allow for a fair investigation of McDermott - if one is warranted - or to fight like hell for our democratic right to be represented by our chosen elected officials.

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Can someone provide background material on what the investigation is about and what has happened so far? I know it's something about an audio tape released without permission, but what are the details? We can only protect him if we know what we are protecting him from.

Posted by: Chad Lupkes | Dec 31, 2004 4:06:53 PM

I'm working on a background paper with the Congressman right now, Chad, it will be released in about two weeks.


Posted by: Dean Nielsen | Dec 31, 2004 6:19:40 PM

We should also be quietly looking about for a successor. It's possible that it will turn out that he actually DID do something illegal or at least questionable. The chances of a Republican winning his seat are pretty slim, but they get a lot higher if a mortally wounded McDermott fights on because there's no heir apparent.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | Jan 2, 2005 7:14:08 PM

There is no chance of McDermott losing or vacating his seat over this. Zero. And, if he did decide to retire, you will see a ton of people running for it, I can assure you. I personally know of five "lower" officials who are dreaming of that seat.

And, as Strom Thurmond used to say, the graveyards of South Carolina were littered with people waiting for him to retire.

Posted by: Dean Nielsen | Jan 2, 2005 10:52:43 PM

Dean, thanks for that. Will it be available to hand out at the 7th Congressional District Progressive Forum on the 30th?

Posted by: Chad Lupkes | Jan 3, 2005 4:52:29 PM

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