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December 30, 2004

Timebucks - alternative currency, based here in Seattle

Timebucks.org is a community Web site promoting alternative currency and volunteering. Nice interview on KUOW's The Works this week.

Alternative currencies have a place in building communities outside of the corporate model. He made some interesting comments about how the IRS actually restricts people from offering to trade the skill they earn their living from - why might this be? what impact does this have on a person's ability to provide for themselves? I thought we lived in a free country.

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I work for a large utility company in the Midwest. Our current uncollectables are at 700 million due to low income and the poor economy. We are looking at developing a program to offer alternative money to our unpaying customer in exchange for community volunteer type work. Is anyone aware of any programs that exist? We do not anticipate collecting much of our arrears, therefore we are hoping obtain some type of service/labor from these customer, issue alternative money that can be applied toward their outstanding balance.
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Posted by: Robert Crudder | Oct 10, 2007 6:28:16 AM

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