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January 16, 2005

Climate Change is a Moral Issue

My friend Bill Bradlee works for a small nonprofit called The Regeneration Project.  They work at the intersection of the faith, green power and environmental communities through their "Interfaith Power and Light" initiative [great name --Ed.] which is promoting green power through communities of faith. In a short essay entitled "Global Warming is a Moral Value, Too", the Rev. Sally Bingham, founder of The Regeneration Project, eloquently connects climate change to the core values of her Episcopalian faith, and asks some important questions about the larger "moral values" discussion in contemporary politics:

What many of us find disturbing in the latest discussion of "moral values" is the simplistic notion that values have only to do with two issues: same-sex relationships and abortion. We hope that we are not alone in saying that the values most Christians aspire to are justice,peace, love, honesty and the integrity of creation. These are the values Jesus taught, along with inclusion, not exclusion; acceptance, not discrimination. Where have those values gone?

How did "political values" get confused with "religious values?" The way we treat each other, the way we live our lives and the kind of environment we leave to our children are the real moral values.

Although it may be expressed differently, every faith has a mandate to serve one another and care for creation. Taking care of our land, air and water was left out of the recent presidential debate. It was left out of the "values" discussion, yet it affects every living thing. We propose that as the faith community redefines values over the next four years we integrate care for creation into our agenda. It is increasingly clear that how we respond will decide the future of the human race. It is the most moral value facing us all.

Update: fixed the darn blockquoting.

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