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January 03, 2005

Concrete images of trees on Interstate 5

Driving north on I5 today, I saw the new conrete retaining walls actually have etchings of trees in them. They are quite attractive. It even makes the drive more pleasant. And then it hits you...

The irony of sprawl is that we have to engrave the images of forests lost to pavement in concrete walls to keep the sounds of the highway away from our homes.

Many roadside forests are already "mythical" in Washington - in many cases, they are mono-culture replanted single species forests that lack biodiversity. In other cases, they conceal massive clearcuts just out of view.

I wonder if one day there will be kids who think those concrete walls are real forests?

In Iceland, there are so few trees - most were cut down a thousand years ago - that people make pilgrimages to see them in the remote parts of the country. What passes for a forest in Iceland looks a bit like what we have around Green Lake.

How does sprawl figure into CAO?

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