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January 07, 2005

On contested elections

A few quotes from recent debates about a contested election:

[They] have replaced statecraft with stagecraft, substance with style, and not a very fashionable style at that. The petitioners claim that they act on behalf of disenfranchised voters, but no such voter disenfranchisement occurred in this election of 2004....

Everybody knows it. The voters know it, the candidates know it, the courts know it, and the evidence proves it....

This is a direct attack to undermine our democracy by using a procedure to undermine the constitutional election that was just held.

[W]hat we are witnessing here today is a shame. A shame. The issues at stake in this petition are gravely, gravely serious. This is not just having a debate. But the specific charges, as any objective observer must acknowledge, are not. That is because the purpose of this petition is not justice but noise.

Could this be Governor Gregoire or Paul Berendt?  No, it was Republican Majority Leader Tom Delay talking about the futile Democratic challenge to the certification of Ohio's electoral votes.

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