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January 25, 2005

Seattle Weekly's Investing for Change

The Seattle Weekly has published my new story, Investing for Change, in which I share my recent exploration to re-allocate my investments for a healthier society. If the lesson of the 2004 election is that the facts don't matter to half the country, then we have to find other ways to create change.

On the surface, George W. Bush may be a likable guy - but there's never been a more obvious contradiction between his professed values and the anecdote I describe about his EPA revoking regulations on rat poison manufacturers which has led to a record epidemic of 50,000 sick children in 2004.

Read the full story. Please post your comments below.

If you're in Seattle, I encourage you to visit the Seattle Democracy School Web site to learn more about an upcoming lecture I'm co-hosting Thursday, February 10, 2005: "Old Stories, New Struggles: Transforming the Work of People Beguiled by the Corporate State" with Richard Grossman and Thomas Linzey.

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