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February 05, 2005

Help develop green/clean car memes

With Clean Car/Clean Air legislation making its way through the Washington state legislature, it seems like it's appropriate to point out that the folks over at Center for a New American Dream have been running a "Wisdom of Crowds"-style contest to develop slogans promoting green/clean cars. [And to build their email list! -- Ed.]  The grand prize is a [surprise! not. -- Ed.] Toyota Prius.  They've whittled their 35,000 submissions down to 100 finalists, and are inviting you to vote for a winner.

The current top five are:

  1. Green cars today. Blue skies tomorrow.
  2. Build Cars as if Your Planet Depended On It
  3. Drives great, less filling.
  4. Be a Vehicle for Change.
  5. Go hybrid.  It's just eco-logical.

Hmmm... maybe the crowds aren't so wise after all.  Kinda reminds me of how bad most of MoveOn's grassroots campaign commercials were.  (And the few decent ones were all made by moonlighting ad execs.  And those were all red meat for the base.) 

Hat tip to Joel Makower.

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