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March 07, 2005

CommonBits featured in today's Seattle Times

My project CommonBits is featured in Paul Andrews' technology column in today's Seattle Times. Hopefully, progressives will read it and begin to use the site as a resource for finding and sharing media.

  For all the news about phone companies, cable providers and Web portals bringing television to the Internet, a new Seattle-based Web service is helping provide an early glimpse of what TV could look like on the Web.

    Although only a few weeks old and still in beta, CommonBits.org is drawing on powerful new downloading, indexing and newsfeed technology under an activist agenda to help independent audio, video and other media find wider distribution and their natural audience. Go to the site and you find all kinds of content, from "The Daily Show" clips of Jon Stewart monologues to "Democracy Now" broadcasts.

    "We want to be a resource for politically left people and community-based organizations," said Jeff Reifman, a former Microsoft manager who works at Groundspring.org, a Web-tools builder for nonprofits. He helped put together CommonBits. ...

    Reifman compares the process to "TiVo for the desktop PC. CommonBits will provide a channel of content for political progressives."

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