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March 31, 2005

High Performance Green Buildings Bill Heads for Gregoire's Desk

Good news for anyone who works in, learns in or pays the utility bills for state office buildings.  The first-in-the-nation "High Performance Green Buildings" Bill, which requires all new state buildings (including schools) over 5000 square feed to meet LEED Silver green building guidelines, passed the House and is headed for Governor Gregiore's desk.

Not only is this a big win for Washington state workers, students and taxpayers, it's a great victory for the Washington environmental community -- Green Buildings was one their four top legislative priorities for the year, and this is the first of the four priorities to make it to the Governor's desk.  Big congratulations to Becky Kelley of Washington Environmental Council, bill sponsor Erik Poulsen, and all of the other folks who worked hard behind the scenes to make this happen.

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This is a great development for our state!

Now we need to make sure that another bill, Clean Car Emission Standards (HB 1397) makes it through the senate. In a nail-biting close on the final day for passage in the house of origin, the Washington House voted in favor of this important legislation.

It's going to be close in the Senate, where automakers are exerting pressure and spreading lies to avoid having to comply with a better standard. The truth is that clean car standards will make the air better and put money back in people's pockets due to fuel savings.

Tell your senators you want cleaner cars - call 800 562-6000 and ask them to vote yes on HB 1397. You can also send an email at www.cleancarswashington.org.

Posted by: Holly Forrest | Apr 2, 2005 7:10:42 PM

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