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April 15, 2005

Locke: Baby-killer or anti-homeless?

I don't know what to make of this story in the Seattle Times.

A conservative Catholic watchdog group has lashed out at Seattle University for picking former Gov. Gary Locke to deliver this year's commencement speech, saying his support for abortion rights, same-sex partner benefits and other causes clashes with church doctrine.

Apparently, the fact that Locke's budget cuts have hurt low income people in our state seems lost on the religious right - according to them, he's a baby-killer!

Yet, Seattle University who recently hosted Tent City 3 in an exemplary display of citizen leadership seems just as confused between the symptom of homelessness and one of its prime causes e.g. Locke's budget cuts to social services.

In a statement posted on the Jesuit university's Web site earlier this week, the school's president, Rev. Stephen J. Sundborg, praised Locke for his work to improve education, welfare reform and trade. "The integrity and compassion that underlie (his) accomplishments exemplify the values of Seattle University," Sundborg said.

I think it's an outrage to the folks at Seattle University who hosted Tent City to now have to endure a speech by ex-governor Locke, or that his policies would ever be described as compassionate by their school President.

Or, perhaps I'm just confused by the other story in the Times about the Wholphin - a part whale, part dolphin hybrid. I wonder if this is an example of a case for abortion we can all agree on.

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