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April 24, 2005

Loving the haters

Michael Hood over at blatherWatch has got a nice, impressionistic profile of our new favorite local gay-hater, the Rev. Ken Hutcherson.  Worth a read.

We spent hours, he, the Lord, and I, in his office and on the phone and I found him to be one of the most compelling, charismatic individuals I’d ever been close up to. Hutcherson would hate the comparison, but the psychic space he takes up in a room is reminiscent of Bill Clinton....

His trump card is the race card. He plays it well when he needs to, which is often. In the progressive Puget Sound region, when a black man starts using the language of civil rights and the historic black struggle, white liberals shut up, put on their tip-toe slippers, assume the requisite submissive “active listening” stance (with the little head-jerks and the annoying “OK’s”) and couch their words in politically correct conditionals. Then Hutcherson takes over the proceedings.

There are many examples of his race demagoguery such as Antioch's logo: an open Bible with a black page, a white page and the words, "Black and white in a gray world." It sounds like racial integration and all-you-need-is-love, etc. but what it really is, is the hardpan, Manichean good/evil, no nuance, Biblical dogma he preaches.

Mike's also got some priceless quotes from the Rev., too.

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