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April 24, 2005

Taking Action to the Next Level

Want to run for office? Help someone run for office? Be a more effective activist?  Progressive Majority is sponsoring a weekend training program conducted by Camp Wellstone on June 10-12 to help folks learn to do all three.

Last year we learned that enthusiasm was not enough to take back this country.  On November 4th, we watched the red tide sweep the country and wondered how all the energy and money and commitment we'd put in could buy us so little. 

As time has gone by, we've gathered ourself together and are doing what we can do to keep the forces of darkness at bay.  In our corner of the country, with the significant accomplishments of this legislative session, we've seen just how important our somewhat tenuous piece of blue has been.  And for many of us, we've realized that the job ahead will take a deeper level of commitment than most of us had foreseen.  There is a lot of work to be done to get more progressives into office at all levels and to raise the level of awareness about critical causes.

Enter Progressive Majority and Camp Wellstone.  Separately and together, along with MoveOn.org and Jim McDermott and all sorts of other folks, they are providing the tools to help us all learn to be more strategic and tactical and effective. 

So, if you are looking at a way to go to the next level, get this training.  Participants can choose from one of three tracks:

  • Being a Candidate: How to Run and Win the Wellstone Way
  • Working on a Campaign: Tools and Tactics for Success
  • Citizen Activism, Advocacy and Organizing

Sign up at Camp Wellstone or via the Progressive Majority site.

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