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April 15, 2005

Time to Clean House?

Jon DeVore over at Columbian Watch thinks it might be time for progressives (hell, moderates!) to knock Tim Sheldon and Jim Hargrove out of office over their efforts to sabotage a gas-tax increase to fund transportation projects:

...it’s okay to be a moderate Democrat, or even a conservative Democrat, as long as you are not a disloyal Democrat.

Much as I disagree with them, I can understand how these two would not want to vote for gay civil rights. It’s infuriating, but that’s politics.

But if Hargrove and Sheldon sabotage something as comparatively non-controversial as transportation, then, to quote another big left blogger, screw them.

If it hasn’t been clear all along, it is now: we have to take back the whole Democratic Party. Hargrove and Sheldon need to become major targets for progressives, labor and environmentalists.

Well put, Jon.  Just having a D next to your name isn't good enough in this state.  Even if you represent a "culturally conservative" district, you have to vote with the mainstream of your party on the non-cultural issues unless you want to face a primary challenge.

Are there any viable challengers waiting in the wings?

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