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May 19, 2005

As We Wait on the Sidelines

Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo has the clearest description of the coming Senate showdown I've seen.  He says:

As we wait on the sidelines for the seemingly inevitable chain reaction to take place on the senate floor, it is worth observing and considering the fact that every Republican senator certainly knows that the proposition they're about to attest to is quite simply a lie.  Perhaps they have so twisted their reasoning as to imagine it is a noble lie.  But it's a lie nonetheless.

It's a great post.  It ends with:

For all the chaos and storm caused by this debate, and all that is likely to follow it, don't forget that the all of this will be done by fifty Republican senators quite knowingly invoking a demonstrably false claim of constitutionality to achieve something they couldn't manage by following the rules.

This is about power; and, to them, the rules quite simply mean nothing.

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