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May 18, 2005

Back to the Sixties

Yesterday there was a little-noticed gathering in Washington D.C starting off the “I Will Not Kill” campaign to educate and support youth who do not wish to go into the military.  It was sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Center for Conscience and War and the Office of Rep. Cynthia McKinney, D-GA. 

From one of the organizers of the event, Ibrahim Ramey, coordinator of FOR's disarmament program:

The human right to say no to militarism and killing must be unconditionally supported for everyone. It is only when we refuse to kill that real peace and justice, in this nation and throughout the world, becomes a living possibility.

The group's Mission:

The “I Will Not Kill” campaign aims to educate high school and college age youth, especially youth of color, and youth in rural and impoverished white communities, and works to:

· raise awareness of resistance to war

· educate youth about the impacts of war

· oppose a future draft

· dismantle the selective service system and promote a culture of life

· promote conscientious objection to war as a positive alternative to violence and a way to strengthen and uplift communities and all of civil society

For a group of people determined to flush the sixties out of our national culture, the current GOP leaders are creating the very conditions to bring the best of the sixties back. 

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