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May 28, 2005

Kudos from the Sierra Club

I got a chance to talk with Larry Fahn, President of the Sierra Club, and Dan Becker, Director of the Sierra Club's Global Warming Program about their reactions to the Legislature's passage of the Clean Car Initiative (HB 1397) which required Washington State to adopt most of California's vehicle-emission standards, which are the toughest in the world.  He said that Washington State is proving that environmentalism is alive and well. 

Larry was in Kirkland when Governor Gregoire signed the bill a couple of weeks ago and said he was quite impressed with how quickly the Clean Car bill made it through the Legislature.  He also said it was quite innovative to see the environmental community working collaboratively with Governor Kulongoski of Oregon to increase the impact of the passage of the bill through executive fiat.  The three West Coast States alone make up nearly thirty percent of car sales in the United States. 

Dan Becker added that with the West Coast, Canada and the New England states all requiring clean cars - which are good for the environment, the economy and the car companies even (although they don't seem to acknowledge that) - we ar nearing a tipping point.  The car manufacturers will not find it economic to produce both clean and dirty cars at the same factories.  Of the Washington Legislature and Governor, he said, "They did a good job.  When we can't count on the President and the Congress to lead on environmental issues, it's wonderful that Washington was able to step to the fore."

For more on Larry's comments on environmental issues in the Northwest, see excerpts from his journal at the Sierra Club site. 

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