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May 17, 2005

Mayor Nickels Proposes EasyPass for Offramp Panhandling

As part of his campaign of initiatives to improves the quality of life for citizens in Seattle (not just Paul Allen), Mayor Nickels announced today his EasyPass Panhandling program to improve safety at city offramps.

"Homelessness is out of control in our city," says Nickels. "Every freeway offramp and busy intersection is occupied by homeless panhandlers - it's becoming a problem of traffic safety and flow."

To address these problems, Mayor Nickels is proposing a plan to outfit progressive drivers with EasyPass electronic barcodes. "Those who wish to give, can...without even a second glance at the homeless," says Nickels. With the program, guilt-ridden liberals will be able to keep their foot on the gas as they drive by each offramp knowing that the city is deducting a pre-determined amount of change from their credit card to give to the folks at each intersection.

Nickels glowed as he highlighted the ingenious use of Seattle's technological creativity to address its unseemly homelessness problem. The program is expected to go into operation before the upcoming elections.   

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This is a fucking joke, right?

Fucking Greg Nickels, a cheap politico with no vision beyond his own fat ass's re-election

Fuck him and fuck those fucking political shits like Marco Lowe who got him in office.

They fucking suck.

Posted by: oswaldo | May 22, 2005 1:47:59 AM

Oswaldo -

Yes, it's a joke. But please try to use more civil language to express your (understandable) distaste for Mayor Nickles.

Posted by: Jon Stahl | May 22, 2005 3:13:53 PM

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