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May 27, 2005

More on Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Wow, I'm pretty stunned that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave $100,000 to this faux-Delay Children's Charity. Talk about slutting your brand. I wonder if Gates plans to audit what the Delay Charity folks are planning to do with all that money. They'd never let a Northwest non-profit get away with this kind of crap.

   The New York Times reported this month that contributors to the DeLay Foundation   for Kids have included AT&T, the Corrections Corporation of America, Exxon   Mobil, Limited Brands, and the Southern Company, as well as Bill and Melinda   Gates, the Microsoft founder and his wife, and Michael Dell of Dell computers.   Tax records show some individual contributions have run up to $250,000. Individual   golf outings have raised well over $1 million, according to the IRS documents.

     At the charity fundraisers, contributors get to golf with DeLay at places   like Key Largo's Ocean Reef Club, described on its Web site as "a very   exclusive" 2,000-acre destination country club "known for its Caribbean   flair, unparalleled yachting and diving waters, exceptional club service, meetings   expertise and wide array of activities." It reportedly has a 4,000-foot   lighted private airstrip.

     Of the $7 million collected at these events since 2000, tax records for DeLay's   two charities show that only about $80,000 has been distributed to various groups   doing work to help children. Officials with DeLay's foundation said tax records   so far have shown little money being spent on kids because they have been saving   it for a major project that is now in progress.

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