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May 30, 2005

News from Up North: Were the Greens a "spoiler" party in BC?

Sometimes its good to look beyond the boundaries of the state, especially Up North to that foreign country just beyond Bellingham, where somethings are very different, and others surprisingly similar.  Yes, it's Canada, more specifically British Columbia, where they just had a pretty big election.

Going in, the Liberals [BC like is like Bizzaro World -- their Liberals are the Bad Guys! -Ed.] held 77 out of 79 seats in the provincial legislature.  On May 17th, thanks in large part to some strong campaign work by enviros, the NDP took back 34 seats, but failed to gain a majority.  The Green Party fielded a candidate in every race, and got 9% of the vote across the province.  Now, the obligatory question: Did the Greens Put the BC Liberals Back in Office?

It's an interesting discussion with some surprising to the "Did Nader Screw Progressives" conversation that happened post-2000. 

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