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June 30, 2005

Doc Hastings Backs Down

The Raw Story has a copy of the letter Doc Hastings wrote that lays out his agreement to move forward in the investigation of Tom Delay.  Although Hastings sounds as though he had to slog through mud to get the Democrats to agree to such a reasonable proposal, the truth is quite the opposite.  They stood firm and Hastings finally had to back down from his desire to name his own chief of staff to the role of chief counsel/staff director for the Ethics Committee in order for any move to occur.  The Democrats see the move as a victory. They also recently forced the Republican majority to back down on new, looser ethics rules.  Perhaps now the committee can move on to investigations of the rampant corruption led by Delay and copied by many in the majority party although endless foot-dragging seems the more likely course of action.

The Carpetbagger adds:

Under the agreement, the committee will hire a chief counsel/staff director and four investigative lawyers. In addition, Hastings can bring over one of his staffers (Ed Cassidy, Hastings's 10-year chief of staff) but he will operate independently of the committee's investigative staff, staff director, and chief counsel.

Have you noticed how often Dems have won these fights over ethics? The GOP stacked the deck for Tom DeLay, the Dems raised hell, and Republicans backed down. The Ethics Committee was going to work under looser guidelines, Dems raised hell again, and Republicans backed down again. Now the Ethics Committee was going to have partisan staffers, prompting Dems to once again raise hell, and Republicans to give Dems what they want. Maybe this is an issue on which the GOP feels vulnerable?

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