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June 06, 2005

Fat Lady Sings. Aria Awfully Pleasing.

Yup, it's over.  As media outlets both major and upstart are reporting, Chelan County Superior Court Judge Johh Bridges dismissed Dino Rossi's quixotic election contest lawsuit "with prejudice."  And Dino held a news conference to announce that he isn't going to appeal.  [Boy, is it cold in here or what? -Ed.]

And so Dino slinks off to plot his next move.  But leave it to Dino McSleazebag to take a parting shot at the court system.  As declined to appeal, but refused to actually concede, he blamed the "political makeup" of the State Supreme Court.  Which is nonpartisan, elected by the people, and didn't have any role in this case, you dumbass. 

Look for Republicans to figure out a way to start making judicial races more nakedly partisan in order to avenge themselves on the courts.

A final thought to ponder: After blowing millions of dollars on an futile and embarrasing crusade, what's Chris Vance's half-life now? 


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