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June 26, 2005

It's All Over Now, Baby Bush

I think we’ll look back at this month as the end of Bush’s credibility in this country.  I’ve thought this before, and when it didn’t happen as a result of the release of the tapes from Abu Graib prison, I was amazed.  But the public seems to be on to them now. 

According to a string of polls, Bush’s popularity is tanking.  But the news yesterday, posted by Jerome over at mydd.com, is particularly devastating for the Administration.  According to a new poll by the American Research Group, Bush is losing the Independents.


              Approve       Disapprove

Republicans    84            12

Independents   17            75

Democrats      18            77

This poll was taken prior to the news of women being targeted and dying in Iraq, to additional news of a draft looming on the horizon, to the news of the possibility of the Chinese takeover of a major U.S. oil company, to Rove’s ridiculous outburst on the Democrats response to 9/11.   It’s hard to imagine now but the polls in a few weeks may make these look good. 

But even if the American public is waking up to the reality of the awful consequences of the policies and actions of this Administration and this Congress, there is still a lot of damage they can do.  It is up to those of us committed to rebuilding our democracy to see to it that the public at large understands the need to rein in these folks and minimize further damage. 

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what tapes? they've released THOSE tapes? where can I find them?

Posted by: Missy | Jul 1, 2005 9:21:20 AM


I was referring to the photos released last April. For a couple of weeks it looked like the MSM was getting ready to go after the Administration but it didn't happen.

Posted by: Lynn | Jul 1, 2005 9:42:07 AM

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