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June 30, 2005

The "Leave My Child Alone" Movement

It's gotta be bad news for the Administration when the soccer moms start organizing.  Rebecca Romani has a post at Alternet describing the scene. 

It looked like any average parent meeting with a sprinkling of twenty-somethings and senior citizens, complete with pizza, fries and speakers. But for these people coming out to a pizza parlor on a weeknight, the main attraction was not the food but an earnest discussion of the presence of military recruiters on high school campuses and a little known document called the "opt-out" form.

The Main Street Moms Operation Blue (MMOB) has meetups scheduled all over the country.  My guess is this is going to be the achilles heel of the Administration's attempt to soft-pedal the war recruiting efforts and ultimately will force us as a nation to address the issue of how best to pull out of Iraq. 

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