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July 13, 2005

A new site for news junkies: CommonTimes.org

I thought you Evergreeners might be interested in my new site, CommonTimes.org:

Today, we’re announcing an early test-release of CommonTimes.org, our newest member site of the CommonMedia family. We hope you’ll give it a try and share it with your friends.

What is CommonTimes?

CommonTimes is a social bookmarking site for news readers. Or, in simpler terms, CommonTimes is a news site that publishes stories based on how frequently you choose to bookmark them. The more widely our readers collect certain stories, the more prominently they will appear on our Web site.

If you imagine the mainstream media exists at one extreme of top-down content control where a small group of editors determine what appears in the News, CommonTimes is exactly the opposite – a bottom up news site at which grassroots Web readers determine the top stories by bookmarking them as they browse.

Comparatively, CommonTimes is to news what Del.icio.us and Yahoo’s MyWeb are to Internet bookmarks. Contrary to Google News, a closed, automated system limited to mainstream media stories, CommonTimes is an open community system that accepts content from any news site or blog – and is entirely driven by our readers. For example, while Slashdot and Grist Magazine provide a tightly controlled top-down filter of technology and environmental news that only rarely makes the mainstream media, our sections provide a bottom-up view of stories our readers feel are important from any source which may well integrate stories from the latter.

News it what our community decides is news.

Continue reading the full announcement here


I've written a post summarizing ten ways to use CommonTimes which may be helpful to you getting started with the site.

Bloglines readers may also be interested in our GreaseMonkey script that allows you to add stories to CommonTimes directly from Bloglines with Firefox.

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