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July 09, 2005

Building the Base to Build the Party

Chris Bowers, one of my favorite new political thinkers and blogger at mydd.com, has a great post about the importance of building our base in order to build the Party.  He starts out responding to people who are critical of the progressive blogoshere because it is preaching to the choir. He says,

The short-term success of the new progressive media marketplace that is the activist progressive blogosphere has been to generate far more resources from our choir than we have at any other time over the past three decades. What was, for at least two decades, a pathetically single-minded model of voter persuasion, just go straight after swing voters, has now been replaced by the start of a circular model where we can do the following:

  • 1- Preach to the choir
  • 2- Activate the choir and generate revenue
  • 3- Use that revenue to target swingers and the unconverted
  • 4- Return to step one with an expanded choir

Progressive media is in its infancy, and its goal at this stage is not to convert and target the swing. The goal is, instead, to preach to the choir and activate the choir so that we have far more revenue so that we can eventually expand. If we only and ever target the swing, there is simply no way for us to expand our base, because as far as we are concerned the base plays no role in politics or media.

He goes on to reiterate that the left is out-pacing the right in regard to use of new media now. Progressive blogs are gaining readers faster than conservative blogs and progressive radio shows are gaining on conservative radio shows.

He ends by saying:

If we don't preach to the choir and activate the choir, we are dead. This dense, short-sighted, repetitive and endless focus on appealing to a shrinking center is not the way to go. It's not smart politics, and it is not smart business.

In Washington state, this is what we are all about, what Northwest Portal is all about, what the other progressive blogs are all about, what Goldy's forays into the right-wing radio shows is all about.  We are here to build the base and to cover the backside of our elected progressive leaders.   This community we are building, all of you included, is important.

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