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July 27, 2005

Don't Like Wal-mart's Tactics? - Tell Them

Andrew over at NPI put up a post via DailyKos on Wal-mart's ham-handed tactics in dealing with one writer's discussion of the impact of Wal-mart's low pay and it's cost to local and state government as well as it's employees.  In this case the newspaper in question - The Pensacola News Journal refused to be intimidated.  The editor, Bob Hart, stood up for his writer, Mark O-Brien, at the cost of not having the newspaper sold on Wal-mart property. 

Coincidentally my friend Jack Smith just sent me a link to a petition that folks can send to Wal-mart saying they will not shop at Wal-mart until they address their poor conduct vis-a-vis their employees.  As Jack said in his accompanying email, on-line petitions may not do much good but it certainly feels good to tell them why you aren't going to shop there. 

It must be making a lot of people feel good because I signed it yesterday and my number was in the 1300's; they are up to nearly 7000 this morning. 


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