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July 08, 2005

GOP Corruption Systematic and Widespread

The Carpetbagger brings together the various Republican corruption cases that we know about at a national level and it's lengthy.  We've been paying most attention to DeLay and Cunningham in the House and the massive corporate hand-outs coming from both Congress and the White House but he points out that the governors have gotten their hands in the cookie jar as well. 

In Ohio, Gov. Bob Taft (R) is overwhelmed by charges of corruption; California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) seems to have become a magnet for controversy, and former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland (R) is currently behind bars.

And then there's Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R), who is up to his ears in a major scandal involving his administration's hiring practices. In fact, earlier this year, documents, including notes and emails, came to light that showed Fletcher's hiring decisions were based almost exclusively on partisanship and not individual qualifications — you got a job in state government if you're a Republican, whether you deserved it or not.

The post is here.

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