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July 14, 2005

Young Dems to Meet in S.F.

The National convention of the Young Democrats of America meets in San Francisco August 3-7.  Attendees have the option of attending one of three training tracks: Growing Your Chapter, Building Your Campaign Skills or Running for Office as a Young Candidate.  If you would like to attend or know someone who would, registration still appears to be open. 

Over at mydd.com, there's a call for using the opportunity to take some needed steps to reform the Democratic Party.  Here's part of the post. 

Because in spite of the active participation and leadership of a number of capable young progressive leaders within the YDA, the organization remains by and large a professional networking club for aspiring politicians, an MBA program for Democratic office-seekers. There's little to attract young progressives to the YDA whose political motivations are not driven by their career ambitions.

That's not just a problem for the YDA. That's a problem for all Democrats, and even more broadly, for all progressives. The Republican Party is very, very adept at cultivating a vanguard among its young partisans, and seeding the world with it. We're not. Unless progressives start taking youth organizations like the YDA much more seriously, the next generation of Democratic leaders is going to be another bumper crop of party hacks. What we need is leaders, not professional insiders, and for that it's going to take a sustained effort to change the culture of the YDA, both from the inside and from the outside.

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Rob Dolin from Washington state is running for YDA Secretary. His website is at http://www.robdolin.com/

Posted by: Dean Nielsen | Jul 14, 2005 11:48:30 PM


Thanks for the info. From his site, I gather he's of the "Let's Rebuild the Party" mind. We applaud. Lynn

Posted by: Lynn | Jul 15, 2005 8:25:23 AM

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