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July 26, 2005

If You Know Someone in Oregon

The Washington State Clean Car legislation is in jeopardy unless Oregon passes their corresponding bill.  Evidently the WA State bill had a clause stating it would not go into effect unless Oregon passed their bill as well.  These legislators are caving to automakers who are trying to stop states like Oregon (and therefore also Washington) from adopting the clean car standards. If you know anyone in Oregon, please ask them to take action.  Here's what we're getting: 

Unfortunately, the possibility of this happening is in immediate danger, and needs your help now!  In a budget deal being finalized in the next 24 hours, Oregon legislators are trying to prohibit Oregon’s Environmental Quality Commission from adopting the clean car standards. Their tactic is to prohibit the Department of Environmental Quality from staffing a public rulemaking process later this year. We cannot let this happen!

Please act now.  Call or send an email to your senator, Senate President Peter Courtney, Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown, and Governor Kulongoski.  Urge them not to cave to the auto industry. We deserve clean car choices in Oregon. There numbers are:

Senator Peter Courtney…503-986-1600; sen.petercourtney@state.or.us
Senator Kate Brown…….503-986-1700; sen.katebrown@state.or.us
Govenor Kulongoski……… 503-378-4582
For writing one’s own senator: http://www.leg.state.or.us/writelegsltr/

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And, to take the action simply, click here


Posted by: Albert Kaufman | Jul 27, 2005 1:15:50 PM

Thanks Albert.

Posted by: Lynn | Jul 27, 2005 1:21:19 PM

But Albert . . . you set your sights too low.

Forget the emission issue and go after tax breaks for any entity that can claim tax deductions on car purchases. Emissions reductions will just be a secondary benefit.

I know it is not reasonable to expect so much but this is what I penned:
http://pdxnag.com/drupal/node/719 in response to a post on OlsonOnline that raised the issue of emissions.

The benefits and harms of emissions decreases or increases can be as wiggly as is any discussion of religion. The Economic Development argument that I make, that of avoiding harm, can be made with cold hard facts (at least to the satisfaction of economic analysis).

Posted by: ronled | Jul 30, 2005 8:18:01 PM

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