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July 02, 2005

Interesting History of Saddam and the U.S.

Stirling Newberry, over at the Blogging of the President, has a fascinating essay on the history of Saddam and the C.I.A., apparently notes from a book he is likely to be publishing.  For someone like me, who appreciates understanding the history behind current events, it's a good read.  But it will also become more relevant once the trial of Saddam starts up sometime this summer.  Apparently the Iraqi government is ready to go but the U.S. has had the brakes on, probably because they don't want any public attention placed on this history.  Count on the Saddam trial to start up right about the time we are embroiled in the great upcoming hubbub over O'Connor's replacement.

If you are reading this post after July 2nd, you can find the piece in their blog archives here.

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