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July 27, 2005

King County Election Task Force Report

The King County Independent Task Force on Elections is releasing its complete report tomorrow.  According to their cover letter, which is already up, they are recommending five state-wide election reforms:

1) Change the date of the primary election to the first Tuesday of June;
2) Reduce from six to four the number of elections held in Washington State during the calendar year;
3) Automatically restore voting rights to former felons upon their release from prison;
4) When a recount is necessary, conduct only one and require that it be manual; and
5) Require that state and county elections officials receive all ballots by eight o’clock on election night, except those of military and out-of-state voters, which must be received before the election is certified.

Seems like pretty sensible stuff to me.  What's sure to attract controversy is their proposal to put responsibility for elections under the supervision of an elected official, rather than an appointed one:

In the longer term, the Task Force believes a separately elected official with primary responsibility for elections will increase accountability to citizens and more effectively advocate for improved technology and resources as needed. The Task Force acknowledges that electing a leader of the elections office does not guarantee an effective leader who can establish a more credible and independent elections system in King County. The public is demanding more accountability in the elections process and so we believe the proposal is worthy of public discussion and debate.

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