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July 06, 2005

Kudos to Monorail Leaders for Resigning

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and Spokane Mayor Jim West could learn a thing or two from Joel Horn and Tom Weeks - the leaders of the Monorail project who resigned.

However, vice Chairman Kristina Hill did an enormous disservice by making broad statements about how we the team should stick to the bid and the monorail is within reach. Apparently, she didn't have her finger to the wind.

When KUOW aired the chosen sound bite from the opposition about the Monorail team be dilettantes and amateurs - it rung true.

The monorail team needs to take a step back - acknowledge that it's time to take a different tack on the project - and then make a statement.

I have to say the minute I heard Joel Horn's salary and saw the first full page ads for the Monorail - I knew this project was a little too eager to spend its cash.

One element of the very-far-west green line was that it is very out of the way. Although Ballard and West Seattle continue to grow - I wonder if the Monorail has been hurt by trying to avoid the main thoroughfare which Sound Transit has yet to build. A lot of the legitimate criticism of the costs of the Monorail are how remote the line is from most people in the city.

They need to have a plan to build a network that links into Sound Transit and makes more sense.

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