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July 31, 2005


In reading a comment at Dailykos on the power of the netroots to influence elections - based on what is happening with Hackett in Ohio - a piece of a post caught my eye.  It is a great understanding of our role.

What the netroots is doing is lowering the barrier to entry so that people like Hackett won't be held back by their lack of financing and voice.  Let's not make the mistake of thinking that we create people like him, we just help him to become all he can be.  We need to find more people like him and help him to get his message out. 

The future of the Democratic party is not a bunch of rich party loyalists telling the rest of the country what is right for it.  It is a true party of Democracy, becoming the voice of a vast network of people, represented by average citizens with good ideas, charisma, and a desire to make this country a better place.   

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