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July 06, 2005

Still Time to Vote in "Best of Seattle"

There’s still time to vote in the Seattle Weekly’s poll for “Best of Seattle”.  You have until July 11th to vote on “best gourmet burger”, “best street performer”, “best Pilates studio” and many more.  We wouldn’t presume to make suggestions about these very personal choices.   

But, we in the progressive blogging community have a few suggestions that could bolster our visibility in the larger community and counter-act the right-wing blogging and talk-show hosts focus.  Here’s some possibilities:

1)      Best Activist/Hell Raiser (David Goldstein – he won last year and he’s still at it)

2)      Best local blog (www.horsesass.org – we all like our own but Goldy’s is the go-to blog and he has the stomach to fence with the wingnut trolls)

3)      Best local website (www.nwportal.org – the mother site for the progressive blogging community)

4)      Best local talk radio host (again Goldy – he’s on a lot of shows and deserves his own)


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